Artist Statement


Art Making is my way of pouring out the “things” I have in mind which oftentimes, I have no words for or chose not to put words in – like deep feelings I have towards moments lived within a certain time in my life, or perhaps a deeper and reflective reaction towards tragic events that bring sudden and huge change into my life – for example, the wildfire tragedy and the sudden death of my mother, all in the same year. Whatever artwork I make, it is very personal and has something to do with uncovering the “murmurs” of the mind and bringing them into to light, using playful and loose techniques that create textures and certain interests on my canvas.

Before the wildfire, I had a collection of high-end metal palette knives and golden brand paints. However, I never put much time to creating art- as the common excuse goes “ I’m always working”. After losing my home to the fire, and with hardly any art tools to use, I felt the growing need to create something, share creative ideas with others, channel strong nocturnal emotions into a creative process.

So since the re-entry, I started painting with my fingers and palette knives more. I also use found objects and repurpose them into creative pieces. Perhaps it is about reinstating self and regaining control, whatever it is, I pour myself out in hope to sleep better.